The #ERICFEST: Music

The venue was animated with entertainment. The crowds were laughing and smiling. The speeches were inspirational. What an event!

ERIC is an acronym which stands for:

  • Educational
  • Revolutionary
  • Inspirational
  • Creative

The Eric festival was founded by Mae Yip and Samantha Hornsby in 2016 with the aim to encourage young people to network and broaden their connections, whilst having fun and understanding what fantastic opportunities are out there.

Every year, a different topic from the creative industries is taken on board and this year, it was all about the music industry. C.V. advice stands were provided by the ERIC festival’s partnership company hiive whilst various internship and work experience opportunities were advocated by Warner Music and much more.

Attending the #ERICFEST really enabled me to grasp an idea of the sort of necessary elements to incorporate at a networking event. However, to further my research, I interviewed one of the co-founders of the #ERICFEST who gave me much insight concerning the changes in the music industry and the importance of networking events.



The ERIC festival has received a generous amount of positive feedback for their 2017 music event. It’s definitely an event to look out for in throughout the year as they carry out events throughout the UK for aspiring young creatives.



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