#RH Rising Festival

Throughout the years, the Roundhouse (RH) has provided amazing opportunities for people of different age groups who are particularly involved in the cultural and creative industries.

This year, the #RH Rising Festival took place on the 11th-19th February, providing aspiring artists with the fantastic opportunity to gain further insight on the music business. Attendees received the opportunity to attend Q&A panel talks, workshops, and motivational speeches from industry executives and professionals.

The Rising Festival also encourages creatives to showcase their work by providing them with a platform to do so. Part of the music line-up included MOBO nominee Mista Silva, singer/rapper Little Simz as well as rock band Catholic Action who all entertained the crowds and enlivened the RH building with fresh music and melodies.

At the festival, networking opportunities were also available particularly at the Open Mic session where I met various creatives including singers, dancers and pure entertainers. During this networking session, I met talented reggae and soul singer/songwriter named Davina Oriakhi who expressed her opinion and thoughts regarding the current challenges faced by young people in the music industry.

The #RH Rising fest was definitely an amazing music experience which inspired hundreds of creatives to pursue their desired careers whilst helping them to develop their current skills. It also enabled me to realise that networking events are indispensable nowadays particularly for young aspiring musicians and creatives. I decided to pursue my plans by organising a networking event which I explore in further depth on the #Fusion tab above.

To find out more information concerning upcoming networking events, please click here, otherwise, to learn more about the opportunities offered to creatives at the Roundhouse venue please click here.


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