“Networking is an essential part of building wealth”

– Armstrong Williams

The Author & Creator

Cindy M. is the creator of the Music & The Beat blog which she designed to inspire young creatives like herself.

Cindy M.Although competition is high and jobs are precarious within her field of interest, she is determined to motivate students and young professionals by starting a movement which proactively advocates the concept of networking and collaborations. By doing so, she believes that young people can strive within their desired career path and meet new people who could become potential business partners. She organised her first networking event on the 27th February 2017 in collaboration with iluvlive (a live music event company) which she called Fusion. She hopes to expand this brand within the networking sphere by getting as many young people involved as possible.

Cindy currently studies the cultural and creative industries degree at City University of London with the desire to one day enter the marketing sector of the music industry. She is currently in her second year and thoroughly enjoys her course.